I never intended to become Jewish. When I read the interfaith books that were available before my marriage and realized that many times they’d been written by women who had converted after years of marriage, I vowed I’d always maintain my identity. It wasn’t until years later that I began to understand what might have led those women to make the decision they had.

In the way life has of throwing unyielding obstacles in the path of our best laid and most fervently desired plans, sometimes you just gotta punt. For me, that meant I found myself raising Jewish children without the structure I’d imagined. While teaching my children what they needed to know, I couldn’t help but learn about Judaism myself.

By the time my first child was solidly fixed in Hebrew School, I realized that Judaism was a perfect fit for me. It wasn’t that I had changed to accommodate a Jewish identity. It was that a Jewish identity was one I had had all along but had not had a frame of reference for.

Have you experienced something similar in your own life?

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