March Discussion: Function of Religion

Each month I’m going to have a discussion topic related to the creation of your own, unique Jewish identity. For some, it will be the process of envisioning who they are as a new-to-Judaism Jew, for some it will be envisioning who they are as they become a more observant Jew, for some it will be envisioning the identity of the children they’re raising in the Jewish faith.

For the month of March, let’s discuss what for me is the first logical step. Let’s each define the function of religion in our life. Is it a container for your spiritual beliefs, a way of belonging to a community, a way of engaging in projects that make the world a better place? Maybe it’s none of these. Maybe it’s a bit of each.

I’m including links to some exercises and a podcast on this topic. Maybe you’d like to take some time to give these explorations a try. Either way, please share your thoughts in the comments to this post. When we get a variety of answers, I’ll post a poll. As we get enough people, I also thought we could engage in an online discussion.

I’ll also be posting “explorations -”  exercises you can do as you work to define the function of religion in your life. The first exploration will go up on March 1st.

I’m excited to hear what you all have to say!


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What do you think?