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Bat Mitzvah Prep

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s nearly time for my third child to be called to read from the Torah.

For my first son, I was clueless. It didn’t help that we switched temples and so skipped several steps at our current temple that would have made things a great deal more comfortable. I wanted everything to go well, but in a way that is familiar to most of us who were not raised as Jews, it was sort of like dancing to music I couldn’t hear. The most difficult part was that I felt responsible for teaching my son that dance, too. Lots of other issues with my family came up… It was a miserable process from my part – BUT he did great. He was ready on time. He was comfortable during the service. He was a champ. ¬† Continue reading

Your Slip is Showing: B’nai Mitzvah Prep

These¬†are the things that no one has probably thought to tell you about preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the Reform movement. You’ll be glad to know them. Believe me.

  1. Your child is going to freak out. It’s possible he/she will swear it’s too hard, too complicated, not worth it… Your child will not be the last child to do this. He/She is certainly not the first. I know this as a fact. Stay calm, listen, and cuddle as needed.
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Things You Need to Know: B’nai Mitzvah Prep

Things you need to know when preparing for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah:

  1. The service has many roles that can be played by family and friends. Some roles are appropriate for non-Jews. Some are not. Your temple should have a policy about this. Ask about this early in the planning process.
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B’nai Mitzvah Prep

It’s Bat Mitzvah prep time in my house! My daughter is getting nervous and excited. It’s still months away, but the time to learn her Torah portion and work on her speeches is very close.

I know the prep period is going to seem long and arduous to her. I know it’s going to pass far more quickly than she anticipates. I also know there are going to be things she needs help with- whether she realizes it or not. Read more

Bat Mitzvah

My youngest child is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. She doesn’t read from the Torah until November, but the preparation for her reading and her speeches is about to begin. She’s nervous about the entire thing. Because she’s my third child, I have a sense of calm that was impossible for the first child and somewhat closer for the second. She, of course, is convinced I’m calm only because I don’t understand the gravity of the situation. I’m delighted to be able to tell her I understand it perfectly. Read more