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Bat Mitzvah

My youngest child is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah. She doesn’t read from the Torah until November, but the preparation for her reading and her speeches is about to begin. She’s nervous about the entire thing. Because she’s my third child, I have a sense of calm that was impossible for the first child and somewhat closer for the second. She, of course, is convinced I’m calm only because I don’t understand the gravity of the situation. I’m delighted to be able to tell her I understand it perfectly. Read more


This blog is for those of us who have chosen Judaism or are exploring ways in which Judaism will be a part of your life. After many years in an interfaith marriage, I chose to convert and discovered there is a lot to learn about Judaism. There is also a lot to learn about yourself – especially about yourself as a Jew. For me, once the decision to convert was made, I was calm and settled about it. Because of that, I was surprised to find I felt something was missing once I converted.

I mean, I stepped out of the mikvah with plenty of knowledge of what Jews do, but no real insight into what I would do as a Jew. What followed was a period of extended study and questioning, along with experimentation with different aspects of Judiasm. Ultimately I came to an appreciation of myself as a Jewish woman.

This category of this site has information for those who have wrestled with similar issues – or not. Please comment about your experiences and feel free to suggest topics for future posts.

I hope to see you here often.